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N Charleston company cooks up success

A new North Charleston business is feeding off the rapid rise of the food truck industry. Using sheet metal, lumber and old vehicles, Gorilla Fabrication creates an array of local and national food trucks, from modern, sleek designs to rustic, rolling kitchens. Among its local clients are Coastal Crust, Boogie’s Bar-Be-Que and Ye Old Fashioned Ice…
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Practical Guide On Starting a Food Truck in Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida is one of the biggest food truck towns in America. Maybe you live in Miami and have dreams of starting a food truck, maybe you already own one. If you already have a truck or need help buying one these are solid and practical things you need to know or think about when opening…
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Buying a Food Truck From the Best

Starting a new business can be scary, especially when that business is on wheels. Whether you're expanding your current business, or starting a new business, there's a lot that goes into building a food truck.  If you're buying a new or used food truck you need to consider things like: space, equipment, and budget. So…
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Food Truck Empire interviews Gorilla Fabrication

If you own or are thinking of owning a food truck business, you're probably familiar with Food Truck Empire. They've been a go-to source for food truck owners to learn more about their business. We recently made it on Food Truck Empire's Verified Builders list which is their list of trusted builders. Check it out below,…
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