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Step by Step On How To Get Your Food Truck Business Off The Ground

We got a sweet shoutout on! This is a great infomative series on how to get your food truck business off the ground. Check out the full article in the link below

  • Purchasing your food truck:

    • Research the type of truck that you need for your food truck business. Consult with experts to find the best truck to purchase for your needs. Stay within your budget.
    • Keep in mind that it’s best not to skimp on the necessities and required equipment for your specifications. It’s suggested to have the food truck outfitted with everything you need/want in the beginning to prevent dissatisfaction with your overall purchase. A resource to start with would be Gorilla Fabrication located in South Carolina.

Source: Part 3: Step by Step On How To Get Your Food Truck Business Off The Ground

Food Truck Empire Interviews Gorilla Fabrication


If you own or are thinking of owning a food truck business, you're probably familiar with Food Truck Empire. They've been a go-to source for food truck owners to learn more about their business. We recently made it on Food Truck Empire's Verified Builders list which is their list of trusted builders. Check it out below, Brett Lindenburg of Food Truck Empires's podcast interviewing Bill Tillson [co-owner] of Gorilla Fabrication.