Meet The Boys of Gorilla Fabrication | By: Food Truck Fatty

You may have seen some of their builds. Whether it’s a food truck, barbecue trailer, or something entirely different on wheels you’ll notice the solid craftsmanship. Over the last 7 years Gorilla Fabrication has earned a reputation of being the go-to fabricators for niche and artisan mobile businesses. There’s nothing they can’t do. Some of their latest builds include a mobile bar and mobile comic book shop. They’ve come a long way from when they first started in one of the partner’s backyard in South Carolina. Now the two owners Bill Tillson and Dusty Brant have a team of 14 fabricators competitively doing everything in house. We’re going to take a look at some of Gorilla’s Fabricators and their specialties.


The Partners


Bill Tillson and Dusty Brant have been best friends and business partners for over 7 years. Between Dusty and Bill they’ve got a wealth of knowledge that’s priceless in the building community. Together they’ve made almost every different configuration of BBQ trailer and food truck you could possibly imagine. You can count on the two of them to solve almost any problem that will come up. In the last 3 years they’ve scaled up in production, location, and employees. They continue to grow every year. If you are ever in the Charleston area and want to drop in the shop, they welcome you to check out their current builds.




If you’re familiar with the Coastal Crust pizza trucks you’ve seen Stevens work. He started out in culinary school which got him really interested in food trucks, and eventually building them. He was top in his welding class in Trident Tech. You can guarantee class and style in his work and expect his signature artisan touches.




Walnuts is one of Gorilla Fabrications main Tig welders. He took three years of welding classes in Trident Tech. The styles he learned there were GMAW (Mig), GTAW (Tig), and SMAW (Stick). After Walnuts graduated he entered a state wide welding competition and came in second in all of South Carolina.




Max is the main man behind the barbecue trailers. He’s been with Gorilla Fabrication for 2 years and loves it. Max can build a full King Kong BBQ Trailer from start to finish in 3 weeks. Max takes pride in his work and makes certain that every trailer that leaves the shop will last long, and be durable.




Zip is a jack of all trades. You can find him bouncing around from one job to another helping out with a variety of projects at the shop. Ziptie is a natural mechanic. When he’s not doing engine swaps on food trucks he’s working on personal projects like rebuilding and riding dirt bikes.

These are just a few of the many fabricators at Gorilla Fabrication. Everyone there will take the time to get to know you, answer your questions, and help you with your project. You can connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their website.

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